Thursday, January 26, 2012

I ♥ Pinterest!

Have you ever sat at your kitchen table, looked around you and felt "BLAH" about your decor?  I definitely have!  In fact, I'm doin' it right now!  Sure, there are certain areas of my home that I thing are OK, but I just feel like there's something missing here and there.  Part of it is, I've been "SIMPLIFYING" (Read about it here), so things are looking a little sparse! hehe! 

When I was little I used to look through catalogs and virtually decorate my house. Now I have PINTEREST!  We can all act like designers with Pinterest, creating our very own "design boards."  So, if your feeling unmotivated, or uninspired, take a few minutes (if only a "few" minutes were possible on Pinterest!) and browse Pinterest for some inspiration! 

 Here are some items from my "Shopping List" board I've been working on...Things I want for my home♥
Source: via April on Pinterest

What do you love about Pinterest?


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