Friday, February 10, 2012

Diego, My Love

 Two of my four guys...
My handsome hubby and my handthome (with a lisp) puppy-pups♥ 
Oh Deggy-Degs, I love you with my whole heart!
 This puppy steals my heart. Every. Single. Day.
How can I resist this face?!
 Even when he rolls in a cow patty on a hot day...
(Never kick, or roll in, a cow patty on a hot will be a hot mess if you do!)
Yes even with that little somthin' somethin' on his head, I love this pooch!
I can't help myself, its a sickness, this puppy has a piece of my heart forever and ever...
He'th the thweetest thing thince Thweet Tea!
Dontcha think?


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