Wednesday, February 8, 2012

DIY Book Page Medallion

I hope everyone's havin' a great week, can you believe it's already Thursday! Sheesh!

I needed to make a center piece for the Book Page wreath I've mentioned one too many times now...
I decided to make a medallion with our last initial "M" 
So let's do this!

Tools Needed:
A Ruler
Book Page or Music Sheet
Hot glue gun

  1. First, take your ruler and measure two 1" wide x 12" (approximately) strips of the paper you are using.
  2. Once you have the two strips, take your pencil and put a dot every 1/4", obviously you don't have to do this the entire way down the strip, (Repeat)
  3. Hot glue the the ends of the strips together & form a circle, you may even have to put a dab of glue in the center to hold it tight (I did).  *NOTE: Some people use tape or regular glue or?  I just use my hot glue gun for the whole fandango...
  4. The last step is to embellish it.  I used one of my paper punches and a chipboard glittery letter "M"♥
Ta-Da!  Quick, easy, inexpenisve yet so Shabby~Vintage~Frenchy~Chic!
Medallions are fun to use top off a gift, as ornaments on a Christmas tree, or you could even make them into Valentines♥♥ What will you use yours for?
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