Sunday, August 3, 2008

HOME AGAIN, home again...

We just got back home from a weekend at "home". We went to my mom and step dad Joe's house for the weekend. They live where we moved from, very sad! We miss it there dearly. We lived there for over 16 years. I went to high school there, Steve and I met there, we married there, we moved almost 12 times there, we had our children there, our children have grown up there until now and most importantly my parents and Steve's parents live there. It's HOME, it will always be home.

Leaving is never, ever easy even though we moved away almost 2 years ago now. I didn't cry this time, I wanted to, but I didn't. You see I feel like I'm not completely leaving because the girls stayed behind to spend a week with Grandparents. So, I feel like a piece of me is still there obligating me to return in just a few short days. There's a bit of hope in that.

BUT---Now that we're home I'm totally sad. Not only did I leave my best friend, my mom, I left my two sweet girls. SAD! I walked in the house and instantly scanned the room to see a teddy bear left on the couch, a folded sun dress on the chair and Abbie's American Girls books in my hand brought in from the van :( S-A-D!

I'm such a big baby, I realize this, but a mother goose isn't the same without all of her little goslings surrounding her at least this mother goose isn't. I'm going to try to take advantage of this shared time with my sweet boy and get some things done around the house that I normally would be distracted by...(SIGH)

Austin starts up his 2nd year of POP WARNER TACKLE FOOTBALL tomorrow. So of course I'll be posting some precious pics of my little-big man in just his helmet, no pads, because it's conditioning week dontcha know. Just the helmet alone is still pretty adorable. Goodnight my sweet friends!


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