Thursday, August 7, 2008

Sincerly 'Fro Me To You- UNnatural Hair Disaster

It was Easter weekend 2007 and my mom had come down. I needed my hair done (I have highlights) so I asked my mom if she would do it for me with one of those cap things. So she tells me that she saw this new technique on Regis and Kelly that they were doing at all the major salons and it “looked” really easy. We go down to Target and buy what she thinks will work perfectly. FYI side note: my mother is not even close to a professional I’m not sure what I was thinking.

We get home and we’re excited to try the “new technique.” She sits me down and I’m asking her, “are you sure that this is what they did?” and “are you sure this is going to work, this is my hair ya know?!” After cracking up laughing ( I should have know right then.) she calms all of my fears and she begins, by hand, highlighting my hair.

After she finishes we wait and wait, and wait some more but nothing seems to be happening just a kind of reddish tinge but that’s normal, right?. So I suggest heating the hair which is what my stylist has always done to speed up the process before the rinse. So I’m in the bathroom, getting a little nervous and blow drying the crap out of my hair which is now turning a slight orangish, reddish, yellowish tint of burnt. I call my mom into the bathroom and I’m asking, “Does this look right?” She walks in, and I kid you not, she almost pee’s her pants right then and there. She is laughing so hard and I can’t blame her, oh wait yes I can because she’s the one who did it! She goes into the living room to read the box and I hear more laughing, she informs me, through the laughing, that it clearly states that we were not at all suppose to apply heat to this product, that it could cause major damage! WHAT! But I’ve been in here frantically blow drying my hair on HOT for the last 45 minutes trying to get this danged BURNT color out and BLONDE in!!! Oh No! What have I done!!

I have a lot of natural curl in my hair that instantly turned into a naturally FRIZZY, BURNT total drugy, smokin’,tokin’ lookin’ absolute horror of a mess. I looked like I had lived a very rough life and was still wallowing in it. I’m not kidding! I tell you what though if I was a smoker and I had lit up that day I would have been a virtual fire ball. The whole mess of it would have gone up in smoke.

I was freaking out while also laughing hysterically in disbelief as I stared at myself in the mirror. My mom, as I’m sure you’ve figured, was on the floor rolling in laughter. No joke.

The picture that you are about to see is the after the mess that I kind of fixed picture. I had to have Steve go to the store and get what I should have got in the first place, what I always get when I do it myself regular Dramatic Blonde Highlights with a cap stuff.

So my sweet husband went and got it for me. Forget the cap pour the whole dang thing on this mess! So we did, that’s right, I had to bleach my whole head of hair. I’d never done this before but anything was better than the frizzy mess that I was sportin’. So here is the after. I hated it, my mom tried to tell me that she thought I should keep it this way. HA! I told her that she should let me do her hair.

I made most of the pictures taken this day Black and White's. It was a lot oranger even than it looks in this picture. Lesson learned.

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