Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Not Me Wednesday?

Because I'm late for "Not Me Monday," I'm writing a Not Me Wednesday post. So here we go!
This last week the following is a list of things that did NOT happen to me or my family
(okay so maybe it did but whatever!):

  • I am NOT writing this Wednesday due to being too busy to have done it earlier. I organize my time like just how RealSimple magazine tells ya to.
  • Last night my husband's truck did NOT break down on the freeway...That would just suck!
  • Out of many mysterious possibilities, that Diggity-Danged truck might NOT have a blown engine...
  • Due to Danged Truck's break down, I did NOT have to get up at 3:30 AM and take hubby to work, nor do I have to tomorrow morning...Not me, I make him walk or hitch hike or something, a girl needs her sleep!
  • I am not dead-dog-tired right now.
  • Our new yard doesn't NOT have burn marks in it from the dogs...I always make sure they stay off of it and go potty elsewhere...ALWAYS!
  • My STUPID cat (sorry cat lovers, I love him sometimes) did NOT decide to randomly peeee in my lovely basket of towels.
  • I did NOT want to drop kick un-named Stupid Cat with all my might, again. (Want, I said want. I have never drop kicked my cat, I promise. I have however had the desire...more than once!)
  • I did NOT possibly almost kill my perennials by spraying them with week killer by mistake. I'm smarter than that.
  • Upon hearing that this may have happened, my husbands reply was NOT, "Did it say you could do that in the directions?" Directions? What directions?
  • I did NOT get poison oak from a strange horse I went to look at with a friend. This did not happen because I was smoochin' the horse like I smooch my dog. I would never do that, weird!
Well, I hope y'all feel better about yourselves now that I've shared my week with you. It probably wasn't as bad as I've made it seem, Aunt Flo is in town so things are so much bigger than they seem through my irrational, hormonal eyes:)
Y'all come back now! Summa-time's approachin' and I can't wait!


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