Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Its Just the Weigh it is

Have you ever had those nights laying there in bed thinking, tomorrow I'm not going to eat anything unhealthy. I'm going to wake up with the birds, and power walk the dog. I'm going to drink at least a gallon of water.....and so on.

Tomorrow morning comes, you sleep in past the birds, you have Lucky Charms for breakfast, and you drink 8 cups of coffee. Then, when you realize what you've just done, you think, I'll do better tomorrow! Gee, I wonder if you will?

I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow, and you want to know what I dread most? Those danged scales! Come on folks they have to be at least 5 pounds heavy, at least! Have any of you ever gone in and thought, yeah that sounds about right? I NEVER EVER have. Is that a problem?!

I have a funny story for you: When I was pregnant with my first, Austin, we didn't have insurance, and we didn't make very much money, so, I qualified for our state health care. Well before you could get a real doctor they made you go to the state ran health clinic. It was a very humbling experience.

One day my doctor asked if I would mind if they took a few pictures during my visit, they were taking pictures for a new pamphlet. I said no, and they made me sign some wavers and on it went.

Weeks went by and the phone rang. It was my aunt who worked for my parents down town. She said through her giggling, "Girl, get down here now! I've got something to show you." So, I quickly drove down town, and we all (my mom, step-dad, aunt and I) walked over to the U.S. Bank. As soon as we walked in I saw it. A HUGE 4x7 ft. poster board of me, at the clinic being weighed!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME! We sat there and laughed until we cried. Although it was embarrassing, it was also pretty hilarious!

So today, its nothing but healthy stuff and water. After I drink my coffee of course:) Because tomorrow ya'll, is the day I beat the scales!


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