Thursday, February 7, 2013

Oh How Time Does Fly...

Holy Cow it's been almost an entire year since I've posted!  YIKES!  

Well, here's a quick rundown of the happenings over the past year:

  • I've been so busy with life,(husband, kids, family, school, animals, farm, business, etc.) I really had to put somethings on the back burner and sadly, my blog was one of them...

However, it has been an amazing year!  

  • My business is growing faster than I ever thought possible and I couldn't be more excited and inspired to continue in that growth!  

  • My Takin' Time page on FB seemed to take the place of my blog there for a while.  I have met so many amazing kindred spirits and gained a lot of business actually, which has been awesome and I'm so thankful!  I would LOVE if you would follow Takin' Time on Facebook!  Click the picture below to go there now and "LIKE" my page♥

  • I no longer have my booth, which was a hard decision, but one that has already paid off!  
  • I decided to focus solely on my Etsy shop and participating in Flea Markets throughout the year.  
  • I just got back from the Funky Junk Sisters Vintage Flea Market.  First of all, it was a HUGE honor to even be accepted by them to be a vendor at this market, but it was also simply amazing to meet some of the fellow vendors that I've idolized followed for years and years.  When I met some of these gals, I was totally and completely star struck (hehe!), I hope I didn't totally embarrass myself but I didn't care!

{Part of my booth @ the FJS Market, Hillsboro, OR. 2013}

{My booth @ the FJS Market, Hillsboro, OR. 2013}

{some of my "junk" in my shop}
  • I just got accepted to do the Farm Chicks show in June, but unfortunately I've decided to pass and wait to do it until next year!  
  • However, I have one show per month scheduled from June-September (I will be posting my schedule soon), and I'll be doing some winter shows as well! I've missed everyone so much, it feels good to be back in BLOGLANDIA, oh how time does fly!
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