Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My Day-go Degs.

Doesn't he look innocent? My sweet puppy, Diego AKA Dego-degs. I love him, I really do.
I just wanted to give you a good picture of his mischievous face when he's doing what he knows is wrong.
It turns out the alarm I turned off this morning, thinking it was going off for Steve, was actually for me and I overslept. I haven't done this for years! So at 7:09 am (we are suppose to leave the house around 7:25 am) I ran out of my room turned on the kids' bedroom lights and yelled, "Get up, we're late. Get dressed, go, go, go!"

Well, we made it, in less than 20 minutes we were all up, dressed, fed, teeth brushed ready to go. It actually wasn't that bad, except that on my way to work I got behind every incompetent driver on the road! GRRRR! I wasn't late, I just wasn't there when I usually am. No biggy.

Then, this afternoon after thinking that someone must have stole my dog, Diego, I found him...on the next street...where he saw me, heard me calling his name, and then ran home as fast as he could. At this point I am growling mad. Stupid dog!
This sweet puppy pups has officially gotten on my last nerve I tell you! I'm ready to strike, literally. In the past two weeks he has almost drown, been attacked by a raccoon, and believe this or not he almost drown again!! I'm thinking that I'm paying for him being cooped up for the winter with little outdoor action.

Back to him running from me. He thinks its fun, he'll run and then stop like "Chase me!" I was sternly saying, "Diego COME!" and he ran and ran.

Finally he ran up onto the porch to the front door, apparently he was finished. *AHEM* I took a hold of his neck scruff for an extended-stay-Cesar jab. That's when I smelled the smell. I looked at my shoes, "nope, not on me." Then I looked around me, on the steps, no dog poop. But man I could smell it. Where was this nasty smell coming from?

Oh wait...its. On. My. HAND!

Yes, it was on my hand from Diego's neck. Somehow, someway, my sweet sweet puppy dog got dog poop on his neck! His neck! Lord help me, that pretty much wraps up my day. Wow!

Ya'll come back now...


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