Sunday, January 22, 2012

"Not Me" Monday

Mckmama- Not Me Monday
I am so completely excited that MckMamma is still doing Not Me Monday! One of my favorite linky parties EVA!  Click the link above to join the fun!!
In case you missed any of my "Not me" Monday's I wanted to share my favorite past posts:
Two Dogs and a Coon
(NOTE: This post was written before Michael Jackson passed away)
While sitting on the couch winding down one evening last week, I did not look over at Marley the cat because he was making a weird gagging sound. I then did not quickly realize he was going to up-chuck. I then did not throw a pillow at him to get him off the couch, and I did not hit him at the exact moment the up-chuck was up-chucking out of his mouth. This did not cause the nasty puke to fly, in slow motion I might add, all over the wall, the couch and lastly the floor...(Read More)
Big Bootied Redneck
I did not leave dirty dinner dishes on the counter almost every night this week. I would at least put them in the sink!

I do not have Christmas lights, live garland which is probably really not alive by now, and stars hanging from my porch railing. Hello! I'm not a Redneck, not even a little. Not me!...(Read More)
Spiders, Cats and a Beauty College Disaster
I did not have a spider crawl out on the arm of our couch scaring the living crizap out of me as I screamed and screamed. My knight in shining armor did not save me, and then took this picture of his victim. I'm not afraid of spiders, what kind of girl would I be? And I've certainly never thought of getting a gun to shoot a spider before out of sheer fear! Never, not me...(Read More)
I love re-reading these, I remember all of these situations like it was yesterday.  In my everyday life, I find myself saying, "SERIOUSLY?" or "Are you kidding me!?" or, "For Real!?" all too often!  But I always find the humor in it all, what's life without laughter...especially at yourself!  Happy Monday everyone!  What have you NOT done lately?


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